And Memory Knows This

i've been looking for plain black wedges EVERYWHERE.. and i finally found them for the bestestestsestsetst price on earth.
they came in less than"5-10 days", so i'm quite happy.
i just ordered them and i LOVE them to death.
they're from f21 and they were $US 26.
i love love love love them.
i didn't expect the wedge to be that high---but i'm fine with it.

+++ just got my dance costumes in yesterday. i'll post up my lyrical one soon (it's my favorite :D)

also,,, expect an outfit post with the wedges soon (friday? -- i love them too much)

Questions Answered!!

Do you do professional modeling?
no, i'm too short :3

What is your all-time favorite food?
probably italian food, like canneloni, fettucine, lasagna, anything with spices, sauce.. LOVE.

What is one trend you are loving right now?
i'm definitely in love with neutrals. it's just so easy to pair with other colors. and it can either be very classy and chic or casual.

What would you like to do career-wise after school?
i hope that my creativity takes me somewhere. i'm not even quite sure what college i want to go to, but i'm pretty sure mymajor will be related to art/graphic/fashion/design..!

Who/what is your favorite band/musician?
Probably The Honey Trees.. i listen to them and they give me so much inspiration. Her voice is so calm and soothing.

Who are your greatest inspirations?
can it be a "what?" haha -- mostly my clothes. when i see a piece of clothing it gives me a vision--something i could wear with it/an environment to wear it in. i also love alexa chung, daisy lowe, and chloe sevigny's style. breathtaking.

What are you most afraid of?
probably being a failure. i don't like making mistakes (but we all do!). another fear would also be embarassing myself in public...

Where would you most like to visit?
i would LOVE to visit europe (that's quite the cliche answer!) where, especially? probably southern france. i heard it's beauitful.. and well.. actually anywhere in france!



Anonymous said...

i'm planning on ordering these beauties as well :) how is the sizing?

RACHEL said...

oooooh. those are pretty shoes, and A REALLY PRETTY COSTUME!

i'm afraid of failure too D: and uggggggggh. i love chloe. her style is amazing. and alexa chung's!


rachel. said...

those wedges are gorgeous! so simple yet wonderful.

libys11 said...

omg!!! those wedges look like my aldo ones.. they're super versatile!!! :D cant wait to see you wear them!! :D

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S&C said...

I love the shoes :)

If you want visit Europe, France is a good elccion ,I was there ,and also Barcelona or Prague are a beautiful cities.


KAROLINA said...

i love this shoes! i've been looking for them all ages! god, why F21 doesn't send to my country...

i really love your blog! <3

Martwa Marta said...

fantastic interview! pity that you are too short - you would be a perfect model!

Rebecca said...

oh, those shoes are heavenly.

vdcouture said...


Marinka said...

your shoes are so cute! Love those

Krysta said...

Oh my... I want those shoes! Fantastic. :)