Pot Kettle Black

Stripe Blouse: from my mom
High Waisted Cut Offs: random brand
Black tights
Black Lace Up Wedges: F21
Doctor Bag: my mom's
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Rings (L-R): crossroads exchange, american eagle, vintage

i wore this out yesterday... these are my sassy siblings posing every five seconds haha.
i really need to get started on so many things, even though summer's coming to an AWFUL end...
I've entered so many contests too ! I think chictopia keeps me busy lol

EDIT: new listing on etsy!
the zipper necklace that  annelise won in my first giveaway :]

you can see it HERE



libys11 said...

this striped top is amazing on you!! and your siblings?! TOTALLY CUTE!!eeeehhh.. i wanna pinch their cheeks! :D

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Isabelle said...

your sunglasses are pretty rad.xx

Camilla said...

love the new header, and love the shirt.

crazypig said...

awesome outfit! This is the first time I see you smiling, keep it up, It's good to smile ^^
And I love these rings ♥

Flowerbomb said...

The blouse is so beautifull^^

Alan Li said...

The blouse is so pretty! I love how you paired it with the shorts!

Haidée said...

love the shorts really cute x


Anonymous said...

Great blouse! ^^

minnja said...

oh this is a fabulous look.

Great blog.



popdisorder said...

you look simply gorgeous!
ant this little girl on the pictures is soo cute!!

Lady Moriarty said...

I adore this shirt, and the bag looks lovely. Plus the kids are so cute !

See U !

emily said...

that striped top is perfection, seriously. and your siblings are so cute! :)

Style Bird said...

Jessica!!!! I am loving this. Great pics too. Missed you! xoxo

Johanna Nyberg said...

thank you for your comment. you have an amazing style!

{ I V Y } said...

sunnies! <3
haha cute photos.