You were the coals, she was the fire

Sunglasses: my mom
Tie Blouse: my mom
Black "AAdisco" ish pants: walmart
Flats: vintage Salvatore Ferragamo (my mom's)

i really like this outfit because it's almost got a "business chic" look. i really love simple outfits like these... so i guess this would be my "i'm too lazy to pick out something today" outfit. it's just chic and simple! that's all there is to it.
not much to write about, except that summer is slowly creeping away :( i'm sad that there's only a couple of weeks left.

+++ I'm a finalist for the Teen Vogue Snapshot 2010 Contest!
It would be so appreciated if you could vote for me!
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thanks lovelies!



minnja said...

Beautiful & lovely outfit


Meggstatus said...

Ugghhh I can't wait for summer to be over. Although, your summer probably consists of fun projects and going on amazing adventures with your friend, while mine is strictly work. Enjoy summer break while you still can!

I really like the simplicity of this outfit, you can never go wrong with black and white.


libys11 said...

lovely!!! yeah, i totally get the business chic vibe going on! :D love the different background in the first couple of photos!! :D

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Dylana Suarez said...

You look amazing in those pants! Yes, so simple and chic. Just the way I like it!


mariel elisa said...

i love those sunglasses. you look great in the simple outfit

Isabelle said...

this is so cool, especially the leggings.xx

ching said...

the glasses! i've always wanted that.
congrats on being a finalist. :)


Camilla said...

I'm voting for you now!


HAYLEY said...

Love your blog! Your look is absolutely one of my faves in the contest. Do you know if we get anything for being finalists..? I read something about $500 gift certificates to shopbop.com but then I realized it may have been from last year's contest.....I really hope it's for this year though! Hahh.

Good luck!


Jony said...

Love this outfit, simple but very chic with that blouse!

Marinka said...

Your outfit is minimalistic yet chic. I love your blouse

vdcouture said...

AAW AW AW that blouse looks super classic in you, you look absolutely stunning <3


Anonymous said...

love the outfit especially the pants!

Glamour Bbey. said...

Great look!