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Blazer: Elle Girl
Dress: Taiwan
Socks: Target
Flats: Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo
Bag: Miu Miu

a very schoolgirl outfit if you ask me, or anyone! i love my black knee socks and i thought it would be fun to channel the students at Constance Billard. i actually might wear this to school, haha it'd be hilarious.

anyways, don't have much to write about... so enjoy this post and thanks for keeping up!



libys11 said...

yes!! very very preppy chic!! love it! :D

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Stephanie said...

Love this. Your outfit is amazing! Love the blazer & Miu Miu bag!

rachel. said...

the first thing i thought when i saw the complete outfit was, "how schoolgirl!" xD it's very cute. :)

fashion westie said...

Preppy personified! I like the more subdued colours in the dress.

Dylana Suarez said...

You look beautiful in this dress!


Camilla said...

that dress looks adorable!


emily said...

wow, i love your style! :) great outfit!! xxx

Spence. said...

Cute outfit, I love your blazer!


vdcouture said...

fab!! loving your blazer to the max and that flats is just gorgeous :)


Rhiannon Ecsedy said...

Your hair is beautiful, doll! Especially in thefirst pic :)

Panda said...

That dress is so adorable. You look lovley :) I was just wondering, do you have the link for your theme, or any info? I need to change mine, but now that blogger has changed, the only themes are horrible :(
Panda xx
+ sorry for the long wait, as I'm on holiday, I'm only replying to a few comments, but i will be posting still :)

emily said...

i love your effortless take on a schoolgirl outfit! that jacket is perfection.

shoeless simone said...

Oh my this is suuuch an amazing outfit! You pull off the whole schoolgirl thing so well!

-Shoeless Simone


very cute!! come follow me xoxo

S&C said...

lovely outfit

and the bag is amazing :)

follow us :)


michelle_ said...

jess !
i saw you at the mtv thing !
that's such a COOLLLLL feature !

im loving this schoolgirl look VERY much !!

.sabo skirt. said...

absolutely amazing post, your blazer is gorgeous!

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fashion nightmare said...

very cute :)

i love your socks / overknees.


ViCreative said...

love it!! very cute outfit!!

(new post: You're lazy stay in bed & follow me)

Mary Lee said...

all your outfits are superb!

TheMen'sSide said...