just like ships, we float through each others' lives

ship print chiffon blouse: my mom
shorts: DIY random brand

hey readers! just thought i'd share this lovely blouse that i found in the closet... it's so printed almost to the point of pirate-tacky, but i thought that i'd balance the graphics with a simplistic lower half (denim cutoffs, black tights, wedges). it reminds me of the poem "o captain, my captain" that i had to recite in sophomore year lol.

+++this ring was made out a chunk of pyrite that i couldn't do anything with because it was so heavy. i just bought some finer jewelry wire yesterday so i wrapped it in place. if i sold these on the shop, do you think they would sell ? :)

thanks for reading!
... just received a package which i will disclose contents of next post, hopefully :)



Jose Camacho said...

I have a blouse similar to that with different color tones though. I really like that top, it looks so good on you :)

and the ring is looking good as well!

Jose C.

Hanna said...

Love it!That blouse is so amazing


Camilla. said...

that shirt is actually just wow.


Anonymous said...

Your shirt is so amazing x

ching said...

that nautical blouse is one of a kind!

Ella Jasmine said...

Love the ring, you have such unique style, i love it :)
Also, I love your taste in music,

Ella Jasmine xo

kelsea said...

yes!!! it's perfectly eclectic.

fashion westie said...

yes...the ring would sell! i like it!

love that blouse too--the shots are really quite beautifully done.

this fashion lark. said...

Amazing shirt x

mikala said...

stunning shirt! I love it!

greetings from

valncami said...

your shirt is awesome!! and that ring is beautiful! i would totally buy one...i hope they sell for you! we havent visited in a while so we thought we would stop by :] we just put up a new post, come visit us and let us know what you think! we will be back soon <3

xo, camilla & valerie

libys11 said...

wow. haunting and so chic! :D i love the ring! aaahh! fab!

Animated Confessions

Neysa Bové said...

awesome, love the look! ;) xo -nb

jada and jon said...

Hi there! Just saw that you liked the sweater we sent Nana in Wonderland! We’d love you to come check out our website and blog!


We ship international and would love to see you in some of our vintage!




Incredible blouse,
The rings would definitely sell.
I'd buy one!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes I think the ring would sell :-)
Super fab shirt! Love it!
Oh and amazing blog, I am now following you :-)


Chloe said...

I love this outfit! That blouse is magical, seriously love it :-)

Chloe xxx

Ivania said...

beautiful job on the ring
also love that blouse and your hair

Manon said...

Beautiful ring !