You want it, you got it

stolen girlfriends club, miss sixty, T by alexander wang

absolutely in love with these styles... i've been wanting cable knit shorts for a while--too bad i can't crochet! lol. still in love with leather shorts too... i need a pair but most are too expensive online :(. the last pair are the ultimate comfort pair.. i'm thinking of channeling a wang spring 2010's sport look and getting a pair of sweatpants from the local t shirt factory and cutting them and cuffing them. they'll be my layback bottoms.

zucca, phillip lim, T by alexander wang

still in love with capes as well. i have one.. but the cut and the random buttons are kind of annoying. i want a woolly and warm one that can be versatile throughout fall and winter and early spring. i think the silhouette of the zucca one is amazing, the lining and quilting on the phillip lim is daring, and the leather pockets on the wang is so eccentric!

H&M, stella mccartney, derek lam

ever since i got my first pleated skirt at forever21, i've been in love. i like how they incorporate the luxe material of leather in the H&M pair (the more expensive pair is the rebecca minkoff one, i believe), love the nude-y tone of the stella's, and the mix of leather and pleated chiffon sides is ever so pleasing.

peter pilotto, mary katrantzou, jean-pierre braganza, christopher kane.

peter pilotto, mary katrantzou, christopher kane... they've all delved really well into digital prints. mary katrantzou's debut collection was her infamous "perfume bottle dresses." i love the drapery of the pilotto, the print of the satin texture on mary's, the mirror image on the braganza, and you guys already know how the entire fashion world has exploded with infatuation over digital space prints.

shoe wishlist next (prepare yourselves, it'll be large. lol) because (OK YOU ALREADY KNOW-MYCAMERA.)



Publish my Style said...

number one please!=) xx


the knit shorts are my favourite, loveee!

Blackswan said...

definitely the cable knit shorts!!

regarding the giveaway: no worries, it's a pleasure! please be sure to check your email.. i will need your mailing address!


x Your Only Blackswan

Dylana Suarez said...

Those black knitted shorts look so lovely!



ching said...

i just want those capes.

vdcouture said...

i want em all <3


Hanna C. said...

the knit shorts are fab!


libys11 said...

OMG!!!!! CAPES!! yes please!! :D

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Hanna said...

OMG I love every piece. Wish they were in my closet:( The first knitted short is favourte!!


Anonymous said...

Love the cable knit shorts, black pleated leather skirt, and the galaxy print x

paperwhales said...

The things you picked are so much in line with what I love. They are all so fucking amazing! I wish I could have it all. Oneee day!


Jenny said...

I love the cape & leather short <3!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

amazing. x hivennn.

Ivania said...

such a cool cool selection of items. They are all lovely I can't choose which one is my favorite

gyc said...

1, 4, 5 and 11 are love!

amalie said...

ohh wouldn't mind all of this! love the dresses and shorts. yum

diana kang said...

the black leather skirt!! cant believe its hm!


mikala said...

wooow! amazing things! I love all shorts, first cape and two skirts! stunning!

greetings from

eugenialejos said...

amazing outfit! I follow you because I think that your blog is very interesant
kisses form Porto!

Jess Loves Fred said...

I want it. ALL.

Does that mean I got it all?