black coat: mom
black dress: old navy
black sweater: my mom's friend
black leggings: walmart ;D
black boots: dv for target
black moto vest: UO

have you noticed anything yet........... hahah
i love all black ensembles and adding glimmers of metal like jewelry to make them pop out even more.
while using my dad's camera proved very effective and MUCH better in resolution and clarity than mine, i'm still vying for a dslr that can capture the details--i'd like you guys to see the layering in my outfit, lol.

look at those dark rain clouds! they're crazy! this hour when i took the pictures was the only time when the camera could take decent pictures without spazzing out and sizzling in the rain water. in another 30 minutes, i predict that it will begin to pour, then stop for another hour, then continue in this vicious cycle. oh socal weather.

anywho, with 2011 out and about, i have myself a couple of resolutions...i'll list the ones that pertain to my blog :)
-networking as often as possible, i like talking to you guys :)
-getting a nice camera so i can get detailed shots AND so i can finally get high quality pictures of the jewelry i WILL be making to sell in my shop :D (which i MIGHT move to bigcartel.. i think it's more aesthetically pleasing).
-i'd also like to raise the percentage of donated funds to world vision from my jewelry sales to %50. it makes me happier to give back more, and it saves me the math ;D

thanks for reading and taking time to hear me out !



minnja said...

wow, I love it :))))






Juanduh. said...

Happy new year!

i love the rings.


Tayler said...

hey i REALLY love the song playing on your blog :) great coat and rings!!

btw im having a giveaway! Big Hair And Bikinis GIVEAWAY

Bianca said...

One can never go wrong with black & I'm loving your rings! X


simplyhope said...

Someone got a new camera! What model did you get?? I love tha all black! So Chic:D Fabulous boots!

Camilla. said...

awesome pants


Laura. said...

Digging your rings doll:) Tell me about the rain... I thought my roof was going to cave in with last night's rain!


cool ensemble.

Natalie Suarez said...

cute! i love all the black. looks so chic! :)


Jose Camacho said...

All black everything.
I love the size of that coat.

Jose C.

jess said...

stunning! love this look on you. x

Monroe Steele said...

love the boots and the armor finger ring

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

ching said...

your shoes are wicked.. how many holes does it have? like 14?

Iben said...

Love your layering. Not many people can wear a black ensamble like you do:) Love that Vivienne Westwood ring, mine is unfortunately broken since it was a fake from ebay:(

Have a nice day sweetie!

Love Iben

Rianna Bethany said...

I love all black ensembles, sometimes I risk looking like morticia from the adams family but I think its such a stylish look
Rianna xxxx

josephine said...

Lovely black outfit for a grey day. Color or colorless, you still look good (:

Meggstatus said...

You should go to the salvation army in costa mesa on Harbor, I've always found some really great stuff there.


MsShamz said...

love your style, the black on black is great!
im throwing a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to participate dear :)

BASIIK said...

all black = awesome every time.


Hanna said...

Great pics and you really rock the boots!


vdcouture said...

black head to toe looks super awesome in you, and that boots are adorable <3


Laura said...

amazing rings! xoxo

Callahan Brooks said...

Love your rings! just been looking through your blog, ill definatly be following! x


caroline said...

in love with your rings!

take a look at my blog sometime.
- maybe become a follower.


Rosie said...

Hey, love this outfit - the boots are immense! Love your blog and your style, I'm now following :)
Take a peek at my blog and follow me back?

The Robyn Diaries said...

Those rain clouds are immense! I love proper moody weather.

Your outfit is brilliant, you really pull off the all black, loving your boots and rings too :)

R x

Francesca said...

shit yeah you have great style. following you now. hope you had a great xmas and new years!

F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

cintia said...

love your style!!! amazing boots and ring! your hair is gorgeus..xo

crazy pig said...

black black black and black again... I LOVE this outfit! It's difficult to style such a lot of black in an interesting way, but you definitely can do it great! And I love these shoes <3

And thank you so much, I'm glad you like the drawing, haha :D

Bog-Bog said...

So cool look! Love the boots!
Thanks for your nice words!

AP23 said...

I like your outfit, it looks perfect on you! I'll have to follow you now...

♥ ♥ ♥


projectvee said...

all black, so classy!
love :)


Marinka said...

Great outfit I really like your coat! And your hair look really nice too ^^

Vinda Sonata said...

gorgeous all-black outfit as always jess. you know i think you always look very cool, very bold and tough.
love your style!!

liberation flamingo said...

Love the boots! And I found a gauntlet ring very similar to that at Forever 21! Great trend!



DIANA DYE said...

Oh Gosh give me a black outfit with incredible silver jewelry and am on board!!! I love the mystery and the darkness that wraps a person when they dress in all black. It makes my heart skip a beat No Joke!! And your long mystic-carefree hair makes things that much better! Its incredible I love the simplicity of your make-up ( if in fact your wearing any) so natural and charming! – Awesome post! ♥

Cassidy said...

I love wearing all black. It's my favorite color to wear.

Courtney O. said...

love the outfit. especially the shoes & ring :] <3


valncami said...

love your boots! they are super cool.
and that last picture is really nice.
you have some lovely resolutions for the new year as well!!

hope to hear from you soon :]
xo, camilla & valerie

Erica said...

gosh you are just STUNNING! love those boots, you have fab style xxxxxxx

ediot said...

amaZing outfit. im definitely following you dear