words only

For the year of 2010,
i have experienced the following:
happiness and sadness, excitement and disappointment, encouragement and derision, laughter and tears,  content and bitterness, friendship and loss of relationships, hard work and laziness, appreciation and annoyance, love and hate, and times when i felt lost and confused and times when i felt absolutely found and guided in the right direction. 

I thank GOD my father for this year of living (and my life) 
that I had the opportunity to (cyber)meet all of you and just be able to see each others lives via blogging!

Thank you all for being SO supportive and just taking time to read and comment on my little life here in the US. 


Victoria said...

ngaw your very much welcome sweets! I love your blog to bits and hope you have a great start to this new year!

xo, much love

crazy pig said...

great words you wrote here! It's brief, but it means a lot... it's what I can't do :D

Btw, I wrote you recently that I made a drawing of you, but i think i gave you a bad link- i published it on my blog, now, so you can check it here, if you want ;)

crazy pig said...

oh,I'm sorry, i just became your fan on facebook and i discovered that you somehow get through the link... cool :D

Raquel said...

Happy New Year, hope 2011 brings you what you wish for!

Iben said...

aaaw, you're so welcome! Looking forward too read your amazing blog through all of 2011 too!

Love Iben

Rebecca Clairine said...

great word,


mode. said...

hope you have a lovely 2011.
happy new year!
<3 mode.

Natali Nanny Dufkova said...

Great words:)
I love your blog!

Sabina said...

Aw, how sweet! I feel the same way. My day always gets brightened when I think about how I'm now a part of this big blogger community, made possible by talented and supportive people like yourself. Happy New Year.


Fashion fly said...

Happy 2011! Love your blog!*
XX, Ana

danniekate said...

great, thoughtful post :) god bless, have a lovely 2011 xx

It blog girls said...

Thank you so much
you look aamazing in this outfit
love your rings