crop top: my mom
maxi skirt: my mom
belt: my dad
sandals: UO
bag: my mom

so as you can see... there's a ridiculous amount of red in this outfit.. but i feel like the brightness is toned down in the skirt so i don't look like a walking stop sign. i was pretty unaware of the significance of the red until my friend nicolette pointed out this morning that i was wearing red for japan (i guess it was a semi-conscious almost unintentional act).. but it's a small thing that we can do to raise awareness... i feel like i'm not seeing enough current events things (Libya and the middle east, the Japanese earthquakes and tsunamis) on blogs these days, so i wanted to change things up by talking a bit about it in the post below.
well, thank you all for visiting and reading, welcome to the new followers and readers

much love, and safety to you all



Jessica said...

You did well with the red :)!

I don't think i have any red clothes? maybe i can wear red lips.

Hope Bidinger said...

Oh I LOVE this post:) The red is beautiful, both fashion wise and for the meaning! You look lovely as usual!

Camilla. said...

i love this, and the sentiment behind it is a brilliant idea.


Liana said...

i love the outfit and i personally dont care if its too bright or not, i love all red! and thats great you're trying to raise more awareness, i think sometimes we (myself included) get too caught up in material things and take for granted what we have and often forget about the troubles that others face on a much grander scale...if we all just put in a little more effort on a daily basis it would make a bigger impact :)

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Victoria said...

so beautiful! i love that length on you! it makes you look really tall :) and the bright color makes me feel happy despite the current events.

great post <3

Dylana Suarez said...

Darling, I am obsessed with your skirt! Can I raid your mom's closet, too?



Kalina said...

you look awesome, beautiful skirt!

greetings from

Monroe Steele said...

Great color post for a great cause. I love that skirt.

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC


this is a beautiful and really thoughtful look.


Kiyo said...

This outfit is so beautiful! Your mom has the most amazing wardrobe :)
& Thank you so much for all your posts concerning Japan, it means a lot. I'm in Tokyo right now and my situation is far, far better than what people in Northern Japan are going through, but I can't help but worry :( Please continue to keep Japan in your thoughts!


Kiyo said...
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diana kang said...

i love this!!! i want to wear this right now! xx

julieeee said...

I think some of your best outfits are with red, the colour suits you well

Taylor said...

I love this outfit! Beautiful. The skirt and sandals are a perfect combo. Also, you have great hair.

Anonymous said...

Red is my favourite colour so of course i love this outfit!

michelle_ said...

Love this <3
you pulled off head to toe red brilliantly !!

and the tiny bag adds a nice final touch..

Clara said...

Wow! you're beautiful.
I love all the look.
amazing skirt!

asia said...

love your hair :)

nice outfit <3

costra y ampolla said...

fab maxi skirt! great look

Anonymous said...

I love this look on you! I like how you are introducing colour to your wardrobe it really gives your outfits an edge.

Also, really great that you are supporting Japan through your blog!


Anonymous said...

I love your post....red looks good on you ;)


Victoria said...

I love this ! You did so well with the red. It is such a great act to help (as you said) raise awareness for what has happened to Japan. Hopefully i'll be able to find enough red in my closet to do this too!

x victoria

Sofi Stellar said...

This is gorgeous. I love the red. THe maxi skirt is so fabulous.

vnikali said...

stunning! the red looks so great on you!

VIVIENNE said...

cool skirt x

Haute and Fierce

Louise said...

beautiful blog! please take a look at mine and I don't mind if you leave a comment..

feel free to follow me to! :)

xx, louise from sweden!

emily said...

you work this all red look so well! i absolutely love the skirt and the sandals.
and thanks for mentioning japan, it's good to know people are keeping it on their minds. i had relatives who were in japan when the earthquake hit, but they're ok thankfully.

cole said...

I love your outfits, they look gorgeous!
XOXO Nicole, VPV Team Member
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LIGH✝Sdrivemysoul said...

Lovvving the red maxi! Seems to me that your mom is one styliishhh lady!



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