FALL COUTURE '11//Clothing of the gods

The sweetest colors of creamy confections were seen at Christian Dior, where Bill Gayten has replaced Galliano but has packed a punch with the pastel palette mixed up with black and white graphic prints, alongside oversized  geometric hair accessories reminiscent of our childhood. The pieces transitioned into a deeper set of hues and complex patterns, then shifted to floaty chiffon kaftans in electric hues. Of course, the collection ended with amazing frilly gowns. 

Every time Elie Saab pops up, I know what to expect. Jaw-droppingly gorgeous drapery and embellishments on the most beautiful gowns in the entire universe(possibly). The beautiful range of color, and absence of it (in the first pieces) were absolutely stunning when paired with just the right amount of glistening beads and gems. 

My first thoughts on Maxine Simoen's collection were a mix of dark glamour and feminine edge. The opening pieces were leather embellished with hardware of studs and spikes, then the entire tone shifted to lady like prim and sophistication, but still with the hint of "cool." 

The textures and materials used in Alexis Mabille's collection--ranging from dark lace overlays, gigantic feathers, and smooth silks/satins, to fox stoles/furs, velvet, spikes, and leather, ALL reminded me of a huntress/adventurist type of woman. Viewing the collection made me feel like I was seeing a menagerie of exotic creatures; spectacular.

EAST MEETS WEST. Armani Prive's oriental direction was right on key with the ankle grazing hems, obi belts, kimono sleeves, and natural prints. The headpieces are also to DIE FOR, there's so much character in every single one! I definitely felt the rich eastern/Japanese influence in this collection, especially from the cherry blossom prints, watercolour slashes, and Hokusai-esque waves. 

As I read in ELLE, Giambattista Valli was over the top EXCITED on being able to produce his first couture collection, and I think he pulled it off VERY well. The demure garden party fit frocks with floral inspired appliques carried well throughout the entire collection--even through to the end with the frothy gowns!

"Purity, lightness, fragility" --straight out of Riccardo's own mouth. His inspiration is definitely openly displayed in this collection, the all white (excluding a couple of tan/beige/nude pieces) gowns were magnificently draped and embroidered with the utmost beauty. The more couture I see from Tisci, the more I see his resemblances, but I like how there is a different "inspiration" for each one. (check out his Spring 11 couture and Fall 10 couture and you'll see what i mean)


hope you enjoyed reading my reviews!
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Carolyn said...

omg elie saab.. so incredibly beautiful i'm speechless!!

Anonymous said...

My favorite - Elie Saab. Oh my goodness, if only I could afford things like this off the runway, I would be absurdly overdressed for every situation, and wearing them to school! WOW.


Marie said...

you're right an inspiration for each one, and well Elie Saab , gorgeous . . and I like the natural prints of armani :)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the above comments, elie saab is so gorgeous! Love the Grecian undertone of all the dresses.


Blaise said...

Love the geometric Dior head pieces-i have a school ball tomorrow..haha id love to turn up in one..never gonna happen :P



Anoushka said...

love love love the couture collections! Particularly Dior Couture, and those Elie Saab dresses, woah..!


le pearl said...

I really appreciate the idea of quality over quantity. His concept of accurate symmetry is just breathtaking it is always executed to well through the lacing, mesh, beading and general materials.