Orange you glad?

DRESS mom/vintage
BELT f21
BAG mom/vintage
SUNNIES mom/vintage

such a hot summer day. i hope that my wardrobe/dressing accomodates. i hate going out and feeling ridiculously hot, it's so annoying. anyways, hope you guys are enjoying my latest posts. because I have some more (not ALL... as i've still got other things to do..namely hw) free time on my hands I've been trying to update this blog everyday even if it I don't have a camera/i have to do inspiration posts not surrounding me (yay for un-vanity!) haha.

love you guys

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Amy T said...

your mum has seriously cool clothes.lucky girl!

asia said...

yes your mom has gorgeous clothes :)

you look beautiful ! great dress and shoes :)
beautiful photos !

Victoria said...

so fabulousssssss!!!! I love the splash of blue!!! super cute!

char said...

amazing dress and photos!

Laura B. und Ann Kathrin K. said...

Omg the bag is so nice!

LoveLaura&anki. Look at oure blog;)

Ella said...

what an adorable dress! i really like how you paired it with the blue belt. the last photograph is very cool, the dark glasses and bag look great contrasting with the bright orange pattern.

Hope Bidinger said...

The pattern is absolutely adorable!!! Lovely look gurl:)

Toyin Lola said...

Lovely dress


Lidiya said...

I love love this outfit! The dress is beyond gorgeous, I adore the colors and pattern =)

Carina G. said...

very nice outfit! :) your mom has great taste. :) which is of your advantage 'cause hand-me-downs wouldn't be a problem. :)

im following you now! hope you could give my blog a visit and follow back? :) i would be very grateful! :) looking forward to more posts! :)


Marie said...

thank you :)
you're a sweet inspiration

Angela said...

a beautiful dress from your mom's wardrobe! i'm in love with it... :)

p.s.: you have a new follower!

visit my blog:



Jo said...

I am so glad that I found your pretty post! Your outfit is a dream - I love the blue belt with the orange dress! Gorgeous!

Lost in the Haze

riina said...


Jessica Wu said...

orange and polka dots never looked so good! :)