31 days have come and gone!

Today is the last day of my 31 day blogging challenge (which has indeed been a challenge). If you'd like to browse through the March archives, click here.

I blogged about everything from personal outfits to runway reviews to editorial inspiration, and I hope that you guys were all inspired by my posts!
School did indeed conflict with things, and having heard back from the colleges I applied to was emotionally draining too. Once I commit (I'm most likely going to FIT), I'll be sure to write about it!

P.S. I think you are getting closer to a giveaway... I can sense it in the air... *hint*

THANK YOU ALL for visiting, reading, commenting, browsing, or whatever it is you do on this site. It is much appreciated and I'm happy to know that other people appreciate my work and attention to this venture of mine! :) Nonetheless, this constant posting has rubbed off on me, and although I may not post everyday in the future, I'll definitely try to document more things (as I will soon order a new lens to replace my old, broken one)!




Joana said...

Great challenge! The outfits are really cool and pretty.


Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

wow I wish I had the time to post every day! You have built such an awesome backlog of posts just through this challenge :)

Can't wait to hear about your future studies- good luck with FIT that place seems incredible! x

Michelle Farrell said...

you have got a lot of inspiration, wish I could have that :)

loved your posts!


Heather said...

You're going to FIT? You got in? That's SO AWESOME. I'm still waiting to hear from them, but it's my number one pick for places to transfer to. I would love to meet you there! Haha. And yay for 31 days of blogging, I've enjoyed reading all of your posts.