Paris Today | Two of Tuesday's shows in Paris

Although this guy's name is a mouthful, I love everything about his aesthetic.
I definitely saw a tribal/Native American influence in this collection, as noted in the totem pole-esque leather details and tribal prints & patterns. The recurrent bird theme was also beautiful played out in the collection, and I especially enjoyed how the blouses' collars resembled swallow tails (genius).
He also added some elements of surprise as well, like the cassette tapes of my childhood intermixed with the beautiful abstraction of tribal motifs. The simple color scheme of the primary colors and the two values only added to the beauty of the pieces!

I especially love the architectural and sculptural structure of Rabanne's garments--they exude the strength of a fighter (look at the chainmail!) mingled with the sexiness of modern day dressing. The minidresses and the tailored pantsuits bore hints of metallic details, which made them all the more interesting. There was a beautiful fluidity throughout the collection that made me want to see more and more. The last walker, Kloss, stunned with a concoction of black, gold, diamante, and fur-hair--a truly smashing combination. 

images via style.com

 I will probably be covering McQueen, Valentino, YSL, Hakaan (sorry, i meant to do this today!)
 Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, and whatever is left on the PFW schedule tomorrow!

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