What I'm wearing | Pastel Easter Bunny

photos taken by the lovely Sophie Kohne!

COAT: mom | SWEATER: mom | SKIRT: mom (seeing a pattern here?) | BAG: c/o Oasap.com | TIGHTS: JK I'M NOT WEARING TIGHTS I'M JUST REALLY PALE | NECKLACE: c/o Claire's | SHOES: my sister's | NAIL POLISH: Urban Outfitters "Crowded" + Orly "Gumdrop"

A truly pastel outfit to go along with the trend that has been exploding on the Spring12 runways/last season.
I painted my nails lavender and did mint french tips to top it off! 

What do you think of the pastel trend? Like all trends, it will die soon, but let's enjoy it for now!

Come back tomorrow for another post!




April Cheung said...

love the pastels!


Lovely Tan said...

pastels are sooo trending this summer! I love you outfit so dainty and feminine! <3

Jo said...

Love the bag! Love the pastels! You have a wonderful blog, and I'm now following you =). I hope you check out my blog and follow me back!


<3 <3

HeyDahye said...

Love the coat!! Your mom has some cute stuff!


Anonymous said...

that bag is seriously too cute!
i love how professional it looks, which is balanced by the splash of brightness and fun the coat adds.

your mom definitely has some seriously cute stuff!!

i wish we could see a close up picture of your nails! they sounds super cute :)


BTL said...

great colors and outfit!


Stephani Janet said...

You look so pretty! I love your style, love the pastel colours :) great bag and coat!

GirlieBlogger@Seattle Beauty and Fashion Blog said...

You look so pretty in those pastel colors.

Tea said...

tnx for sweet comment.
I'm following you back :)


Daniella said...

So chic! I adore this look!!! :)

Take care,Daniella xox

Sara said...

YOu look perfect.


Candypop said...

Your mama must be a stylish woman to know that Mints quite in season hehe You look gorgeous as always and i loveee the sweater aswell GOSH i wish my mum had things i could steal <3


ATW said...

love the pastel tones on you!
thanks so much for your lovely comment! :) however, i can't find you under my new followers!? :(
where are yoou!?
xxx love,


LPFashionPhilosophy said...

So pretty! Love the mix of colors!

PS. We’ve a giveaway to Number A on our blog! Check it out if you’d like! :)
ox from NYC!


Michele said...

Thank you for your nice comment!
I like your photos and outfit. Oh, pastel colours are amazing! : )

el_martina said...

very pretty look! I love your pastel coat!

sgrmse. said...

totally diggin' the colour combination!! rather surprising considering.