Paris Fashion Week | Part I

I sensed a continuity of Burton's previous season collection (SS12) in her FW12 pieces--the same voluptuous silhouettes, use of excessive (in a good way) volume and fabrics, and the same fabulous attention to detail. Nonetheless, I found it stunning and ethereal; very evocative of the ocean and aquatic creatures. 

Nicolas Ghesquiere kills me with every collection of his. I felt that this collection was largely indicative of a 'Space Age Nouveau' theme, perfectly balanced with the structural boxiness and angular precision that was seen in SS12. The use of sheer against solids was beautifully executed, and Ghesquiere's incorporation of animal prints was surprisingly pleasant. And those CRISP LINES. They could cut diamonds.
Carven's collection was everything that we have come to expect of it--simple yet elegant with practically perfect color palettes. I loved the Northern Renaissance influence of this collection, and as quoted from Nicole Phelps of style.com, Guillame Henry "used Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights as inspiration for a colorful print. " Not only were the religious prints and laser cut dresses amazing, but so were the rounded silhouettes of the thigh-cut dresses in primary jewel tones.
Ever since Vaccarello stormed the runways last year, the eyes of the fashion world have been focused on him and his ever-so provocative dresses and pantsuits. Some of Vaccarello's most compelling pieces were his deconstructed suits-the almost Terminator-like exposure of the skin contrasted beautifully with the sheen of the fabric. Vaccarello's precise cutouts and injection of liquid metals deserve a standing ovation.
Was anyone reminded of Lisbeth Salander when they saw this?! I've never seen Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but from various scenes of Rooney Mara, I could get a feel of what she looked like in that film. 
Like all Ann D collections, dark, sinister glamour was in the air at her FW12 collection. While the only evident colors in her collection were jet black and a dark cobalt, Demeulemeester's use of varying silhouettes and her manipulation of the fabric were ingenious. 

Hope you enjoyed this post on PFW12, I will be posting more until I cover all of my favorites!
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Sam said...

These are such gorgeous collections! I love them all!


Dress and Dish: Lana said...

So much fashion so little time...

eliza said...

I absolutely loved the Carven collection - AMAZING. Balenciaga was super as well.



alexander macqueen is awesome!!!!never let me down!



fashion inspirations said...

greattt pictures LOVED alexander mcqueen
would you like to follow each other?

Heather said...

So I just wrote basically the same thing about McQueen for my newest Chictopia article. Hahaha. Great minds think alike! :)

(this is Heather from Claire's btw. I don't think I've ever commented on your blog before!)