I just spent some time tweaking some HTML and CSS to renovate the look of my blog!
What do you think of the new header and font choice?
Leave a comment!



Ava Tallulah said...

I'm loving the new look of your blog :)

Ava Tallulah

Hope Bidinger said...

It looks so fresh! I wish I was good with html haha

Anonymous said...

The new font is great, super classy! Good job (:

Alice said...

Awesome new layout Jessica!

I think the font choice fits amazingly with your blog. the slightly messy cursivey handwriting is glamorous and fashionable but also a little bit disheveled and youthful. That to me seems to fit really well with your taste and the vibe you're going for! :)

I definitely wish that I was good with HTML too! Then I could make fun changes to my layout like you!

Just a quick note though: I think something may have messed up a teeny bit with your Pinterest icon. While your other icons (FB, Instagram, Twitter) are on the top right side of your blog, the Pinterest one is on the left side underneath your About tab.
Hopefully you'll be able to fix that or tweak it somehow. Once you do, I'm sure everything will look stunning! <3

Have an awesome day!


Kristy said...

Nice Blog layout. Very stylish. So you! x


Zoƫ said...

Oh, I think your blog looks amazing - totally loving the font choice! I love the whole layout so much, you have no idea.

Daniella said...

Loving the new font design!! Great job on your blog sweetie :)

Take care, Daniella xox