1. Marion Cotillard in the newest issue of VOGUE
2. Mint chocolate chip, red velvet, and cookies & cream macaron ice cream sandwiches @ THE MILK SHOP in Los Angeles
3.Current read: All-essential F. SCOTT FITZGERALD
4. Amazing chicken caprese sandwich @ MENDOCINO FARMS in Los Angeles
5. Gifted VALENTINO heels that I wore to prom... they need some more wear
6. Crispy Chick'n plate @ THE VEGGIE GRILL in Irvine
7. Animal fries @ IN-N-OUT, have to stock up before I leave to in-n-out-less New York!
8. LUNCH of spinach, potato, and sausage frittata with salt, pepper, olive oil, and avocado on toast. 
9. Today's lunch of GYOZA, yum!
10. A film of me circa late 1990s




Théa Unknown said...

Love the first photography!

Théa Unknown

Alice said...

So much amazingness Jessica!

1. Marion Cotillard is absolutely stunning! She seems like the perfect combination of sexy, classy, elegant, and amazing Frenchness. That plus she was amazing in The Dark Knight Rises!

2. Those macaron ice cream sandwiches sound to die for. I'm definitely in need for a quick sugar fix right about now...

3. I haven't actually read any F. Scott Fitzgerald. Perhaps it's time to remedy that! :)

4. Oooooh that looks so yummy. There seems to be a good amount of chicken but not so much you can barely fit the sandwich in your mouth!

5. Those shoes are AMAZING!!! They're so ahhhhh. I can't wait to see you wear them more with lots of gorgeous outfits <3

6. More chicken. Yum. If I'm thinking of the right place, The Veggie Grill has some pretty yummy sweet potato fries. I don't think I've tried anything else from there though.

7. Awww yes. The holy grail of fast food. In-N-Out..such yumminess. I can't believe you're going to New York! I can't wait to see lots of interesting posts about all your adventures there!

8. Healthy yet so yummy looking...

9. Yay for Asian food! Whoot whoot :)

10. You look so adorable! Strangely enough, you still look a lot like that. So cute!

Have a lovely day Jessica!
Thanks for sharing these photos.


char said...

I always get so jealous whenever I see your food posts!! Haha, the last photo of you is adorable.

Style Societe said...

such lovely pics. and you look so adorable in the last pic!

iamprecious ♡ said...
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Candypop said...

loving all these shots esp the last one hehe you look adorable!