What I'm Wearing | Ice Blue

 Dress thanks to BEGINNING BOUTIQUE // sunglasses from SHOP VAGABOND YOUTH borrowed from Heather // Glint & Gleam bracelets thanks to SHOPLATELY // BCBG wedges

Pictures by Heather!
I just received this adorable frock in the mail, and it made my day!
It gives off a very playful, Alice-in-Wonderland feel, with its pastel hue, flounce skirt, and naif-chic silhouette. 
I paired it with simple silver accessories from ShopLately (love both to death, silver jewelry makes the world go round) and cateye shades on top, black patent wedges on bottom. Also, my nails are the adorable Play hearts from Commes des Garcons, which I handpainted!
My roommate said I look like a Tiffany's box, which I can see (just put a white belt on, haha -  great Halloween costume idea)!
Please excuse my horrible posting, midterm season has arrived and I've been unable blog. Also, fashion week was insane and I wish I could cover everything I love but I really don't have the time! 
wish me luck on my exams!



Blue and black, now that's a combo we saw on this week's Slovenia fashion week a lot :)


Dahye said...

Love the cute dress! And your cat eye glasses add so much glamour.


Hope Bidinger said...

That dress is so cute!! The shape on it is wonderful:) Great nails as well! You should definitely be a Tiffany's box, such an original idea.

Anonymous said...

Pretty pretty pretty Jessica!
The color of your dress is absolutely precious. The soft blue looks really nice against your pale skin and definitely is reminiscent of a Tiffany's box! You should really go as a Tiffany's box for Halloween. Major cool points for creativity :)
I'm not done raving about your dress yet though! I see what you mean by it having an Alice in Wonderland feel. Who better to say that than someone actually named Alice?! Heehee.
The lacey/cut out design is tres intriguing while the fluffy skirt is fun and flirty. Paired with your cateye sunglasses, I think this dress gives off a cool modern 50s-ish vibe!
Not to mention the touch that the red lipstick adds...

Oooooh and those nails!
How cute are they??
I can't believe you drew them...they're insanely good. So when can I have some of your amazing artistic ability? :D

GOOD LUCK ON YOUR EXAMS!! I'm sure you'll do awesome though girl <3


amalie said...

goorgeous! i love that dress. and your jewelry pieces xx

TheUrbanUmbrella said...

Adore baby-blue dress, looks stunning on you <3

xoxo Bree
The Urban Umbrella


Mia said...

loving the dress, but i am obsessed with your nails :D

xx m


libys11 said...

very chic!!! love the color and lace detail of that dress!!! and your nails are totally rad!!! comes des garçon for the win! :D

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Anna Vu said...

Cute blog! Absolutely adoreee this look!

- Anna x