MFW | FW13 Part I

I can't resist a collection of delicate beiges and nudes amongst a sea of black and dark glamour driven fall collections during Milan (see: Gucci). Slinky silk trousers contrasted with the elegantly cut outerwear really nicely. I really enjoyed the shaggy rug-like texture and look of the second woven top in a mixture of creams. Also, those snakeskin cap/pointy-toed ankle boots--perfection. 


What an absolutely pleasant surprise. I was previously discussing with a friend how Blumarine was not really something we paid attention to anymore, but this collection recaptured my interest! The collection seemed to be injected with a rather high volume of springy motifs and themes with the frothy pastels, floral, and whatnot, but it was executed quite well. The draped skirt silhouette of look 3 and 6 was very interesting, as was the sheen of the striped floral of look 4. Again, the palette of washed out beiges, pinks, and blues freshened up the darkness that is characteristic of most fall collections (especially in Milan, IMO). 
I felt like Frida Gianni was perhaps toying with too many ideas in this collection, but there were some standout pieces that I chose to post above. We saw the collection take from round-shouldered boxy coats with floral embroidery, then enter into trouser territory, and finally transform into some dark, glittering bird of paradise. My favorite looks were the ones that had voices of their own--the strong shouldered and hip-accentuating brocade/jacquard top and trousers, the powder blue coat with extra-large lapels, and the feathery dress wrought with embellishment. I can imagine that last number swishing down the reflective runway, and I didn't even watch the livestream-HA. 
Voluminous skirts have been on my mind lately (second to those cool slit skirts). Fantastic circle cuts paired with perfectly constructed outerwear tops brought this collection to a whole new level. A fully bejeweled blouse cut like a tee, the metallic paper bag clutches, the socks and heels--all great details that maximized the appeal of this collection. 
I always know that MaxMara will carry out a great collection of well-tailored basics in beautiful array of different hues. Signature neutrals like beige and camel were darkened a shade, with a caramel tone in the coats and bronzed silks. An all mustard ensemble made me smile at how well they executed a monochrome look (I'd look like a mustard packet, tbh). The midnight navy sheen of that 4th look almost oozing out like liquid mercury from underneath that jet coat was simply phenomenal. 

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