images via This Is The Uniform

I think it's safe to say that everytime I fall in love with a label or designer, I fall hard
When This Is The Uniform started following me on Instagram a few days ago, I checked out their account (@thisistheuniform) and I instantly struck sartorial gold. 

The athletic wear silhouette is something that I'm clinging onto right now--I can't get enough of sports bras and exercise tanks as everyday wear and I'm vying to get a pair of cool sweatpants/trackpants soon. 
With This Is The Uniform, they've updated those classic athletic wear styles by doing them in luxe textiles and adding unconventional twists. The tee shirt and sweatpants are instantly a must have item when redone transparently with solid hems/piping. Bomber styled garments are boiled down to basics with straight lines and cuts (the white jacket is one of the few that wouldn't make you look like a marshmallow). I also just love the styling and general aesthetic of this brand; it's very edgy and "rah rah" but manages to retain a sense of fresh, minimalistic beauty. I can't wait to see what else TITU brings in the future.

Pieces I'm eyeing: every pair of sheer pants and that silvery long sleeved top ♥