Sally Lapointe is inarguably one of the rising stars to watch in the NY market. Her aesthetic stays true season after season and it is done without fail--simple and sleek separates layered to perfection. The fluctuation of volume accompanies the eclectic accessories so well; I love the shark tooth shaped leather collars and the molded belts in leather and other cool materials (is that plexiglass?!!?). The draping of the last dress is also really killing me right now. 

It is always a fun, refreshing surprise to see what printed textiles Suno generates for each of their collections. The stunning patterns really maximize the effect of the pieces, from the boxy grid dress on Xiao Wen (I met her last night, she is absolutely adorable and sweet in person!) to the organic shapes in the brocade/jacquard of the stunning layered dress in the last look. I love the airy whimsicality of it all too; those wild animals in a few of the looks keep it fun and give the eyes something new to look at--cool details can sometimes push a collection past one's expectations. 

With a nod (better yet, full embrace) to the high point of the Helmut Lang brand, the ss14 collection returned to its '90s roots and did so in a beautiful and languid manner. Modernity invigorated the minimalistic aesthetic by the means of barely there hardware, artistic paneling, and the presence of the stunning pink hue in a few of the slip dresses. I applaud this collection head to toe (the footwear is making me swoon!) and would wear Look #4 in a heartbeat! 

As you can already see, the resurgence of minimalism on the runways is big for the ss14 season. Although definitely referential to other designs seen previously (Celine anyone?), I am nonetheless in total love. Boxy sleeves get me every time and when done in monochrome black & white or whispery pastels they can not go wrong. Also, let's discuss the insanity that is the sheer skirt and those barely-there chokers !! 
So I think a majority of the appeal of this collection comes from the "themed" quality of it. Perry only sent white designs down the runway and they were a fantastic contrast to the turf green of the tennis court-esque carpeting. Design wise, I thoroughly enjoyed the variety she was able to produce on a white palette. The almost apron-like silhouettes were interspersed with a healthy dosage of clinical feeling shifts, sleek separates, and cool cable knit motifs. The sweatbands and white slip ons were totally on point accessorizing, too.

Check back in a few for more NYFW coverage as it continues onto next week!