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mary katrantzous debut: fw '09, hair art by viktor and rolf, nastia liukin for max azria, coco rocha in vogue (italia?)
google images.
[1] new designer mary katrantzous is now added to my favorites now. her "perfume bottle" dresses are amazingly geometric and meticulous, as well as being beautiful and chic.
[2]IT'S A BEAR!! this makes me crazy. well.. i wish my hair were that moldable. so yeah, here you go. hair art. go viktor and rolf, keep on doing these types of things.
[3]i love the whole concept that max azria uses in this shoot he did with gymnast nastia liukin. her flexibility and the flowy, sheer materials embrace the beauty of his clothing. google nastia liukin for max azria for more pictures from the shoot. truly great.
[4]i love how young, even naive, coco rocha looks in this spread! the bejeweled headband is equally as attractive. YES ANOTHER DIY. :D
it'll come soon.. and oh noz, school is starting. so i will try to do as much as i can!


Girl With The Bow Tie said...

Great post!
I have to say that I'm thoroughly baffled RE: the hair. Seriously. I saw it. And stared. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

Ohhh, the wonders of life..

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Bella said...

that. hair. oh. em. gee. I. can't. believe. it.
That's AMAZING, thanks for posting it!! :] xxx

Anonymous said...

the dresses = craziness!
the hair = impossibly possible, unbelievable!
nastia liukin/max azria = love both of them! especially nastia! i will for sure google! haha
coco rocha/candles/headband = beautiful! adore the idea of the picture! can't wait for that DIY!
love love love this post!

ps we need to hang out b4 summer ends! see a movie or something. or pick-out 1st day of school outfit! can't wait to show off my lovely bag! haha. e-mail me! <3

the christy said...

woww, your blog is seriously cool :)
i like your posts; they're interesting.

check out mine if ya like