days away

sorry (click for larger image)
magazine pictures from Marie Claire September 2009

AGAIN. sorry for being away, ok, 2 days.. STILL. long for me :D i'm back

[1,2] Estee Lauder 'Red Wine' and Mono Viva Diva 'Brown'

saturated lips and black and whiteness via picnik.com & mi camera

[3]pinstriped chiffon-ish button up from mother, black leather belt
so comfortable, wow SHOULDER PADDZZ ahha.
[4]shorts and tights on irina kulikova
FOR DA WORLD. when people style mag says "no" to shorts and tights... i don't even CARE. i do this on a reg basis,, just ask my friends :D
[5]the greatest boyfriend jeans in the world

-electric feel, katy perry
-real love, regina spektor
-soon well be found, sia
-i caught myself, paramore
-back in your head, tegan & sara


Bella said...

that first picture is awesome! the lipstick looks great :]

Zany Style said...

i like ur fashion ideas on ur last post!


ally m. said...

forever 21
cute dress