femininity and frills

(click for larger image)
sketches by me.
[1]this dress
drawn while semi-watching Thomas the Tank Engine (my baby brother's favorite)
i love how the yellow contrasts with the tights.. what do you think?
[2]this top, THAT skirt
o gee.. this skirt, i went on a WHIM. but.. i guess the volume is okay?
sorry if the contrast is too bright, but the top is no shouldered, with elegant pink ruffles.
and i DONT know why there's a quite random pink spot :D
thanks thomas !


Bella said...

zomg, so much of my childhood involved thomas the tank engine.
those dresses are awesome, the first one especially :] I love the double ruffled effect on top
I linked you to my page :] thanks for following :D xxxxx

E said...

The second drawing is so wonderful. I love the dark black lines - they contrast so well with the ruffles on the top.

Style Bird said...

I think your sketches are beautiful.

Girl With The Bow Tie said...

Great sketches. I especially love the first one because 1) i love yellow! 2) i love assymetricalness 3) i love ruffles. Well done! What medium do you use?

thanks so much for stopping by!

Emma said...


to answer your question about my boots, they are Chinese Laundry and I bought them from DSW and they were about $80.