channeling egypt

(collage images from various UO catalogues, Harper's Bazaars, and Teen Vogues) (images in frames from google images)
so. i went to michael's and i got these FANTABULOUS jewelry pieces that i bought individually and pieced together :D they were all relatively cheap, and very unique. i thought they looked egyptian.
[1,2,3] the necklace looks egyptian.
i love the pendant ($4) because of the unique feel, and the holes on the bottom of it that allow for the extreme DIY-ers like me. the cute matching daggers ($3, see? VERY affordable!), i thought, would totally bring the whole piece together, so i bought them , good buy. i love gold, this is subtle and toned down by the black. you californians, they also have this pendant/daggers in a turquoise stone color.
[4] the sketchbook if for design craft class.
so, how many collages have i done? haha. let's see.. lifetime.. probably about 5-6. but on my account they are all very "PURE ME" (so this collage says). i love how there's more people and models in this collage (yay coco rocha twice!) the pure me is out of newspaper, i love my resources.
[5] bought this frame at the 99 cent store.
YEAH. so who thought the 99 cent store sucked? i love this frame so much (which they also have in a white frame with black inset) . and the next day i googled up these things-"coco rocha black and white", "modern dancer", "hussein chalayan dress" , and "greg kadel" for those unbeknownst of these terms (yes i was once that person), greg kadel is an AMAZING photographer who captures the best moments. hussein chalayan just kicks everyone's un-futuristic ass in this industry.
so. keep it going and keep it freshhhh.


Bella said...

niceee jewellery, very egyptian :D

Marieke said...

Love the necklace (l)

ally m. said...

cute necklace!