old glamour

images from Google's LIFE picture archive
school has started, and this is my first blogpost since.
i found theese wonderful pictures on google, and i love them so much (type in fashion on the search engine)

[1]catherine deneuve, french model
i love how the lights illumine her catlike face in this picture. very sleek, monotonous, but great.

[2]photography by nina leen
the doggie is so cute :D and the boots are TO DIE FOR, they're so great.

[3]dress by Adrian
this dress is so whimsical, maybe the first Viktor&Rolf out there? she either looks like she has super huge hips or wings growing out the side :] the bow really tops it off too



Samantha said...

amazing blog little miss.
i love these photos the last one is really inspiring<3

Panda said...

Lovely photos. The last one is so beautiful! I would kill for a dress like that! :)

Panda xx

LOVE your blog...

E said...

These are the gems I LOVE to find! Do more! Do more! I love Catherine Deneuve - what a stunner. Oh and that dress!