school=yuck. new style=yes.

(magazine collage pictures from various: Harper's Bazaar, Teen Vogue, LA, UO catalogues)
so, school starts tomorrow. i already have a week's outfits planned :DD yayyyy. they are surprises.. so i will post them as the days pass and i wear them. [1,2,3] these are my collages.
the first one i made today. i really have TOO many magazines, so i just cut some pictures out and placed them like so. i really love the first one because of the popping colors. the second one is very rocker. and the last one has COCO ROCHA on it :)
[4,5,6] this is my first day of school outfit.
i'm wearing a black tank top from g-stage, a tankdress from old navy, a metal bead necklace from a christian store, my DIY braid necklace, maybe sheer tights, and converse+a cute vintage bag from my mom from Bally, and amazzzing shoes from dollhouse. i love them :D
so. monotonous. whatever.
i'm crazed about fashion this year, even more so than my last year. hopefully i will REALLy develop a style that is unique to me. i don't want to be like the juicy-abercrombie-ugg girls,
i WILL have my own style this year.


Chloe T said...

Hey - thanks so much for your wonderful comments, I really appreciate them as I love drawing so yeah, thanks! :D

Ooooh my gosh, I love your collages! I do collages too and yours are just brilliant. Your outfit is amazing too, especially that awesome DIY! Love it :D


Rach said...

Creative collages! And I love your braided necklace :]

Shana said...

love the monochrome palette. your necklace looks amazing!

mifajyar said...

my school has uniform so im real jealous how you can dress nice to school everyday!!

btw, love your collages :))

the christy said...

ah i bought a new skecthbook the other day, an A3 one and collaged the whole cover, i have to say you were quite an inspiration ;)

its on my blog if you wanna check it out and btw i'm now on lookbook!