o captain, my captain

(1,2 from google images.)


so, for some weirdo reason, i'm in a stripey mood. the first two pictures are my inspiration. (but my outfit is superbly simple)

i love the model's tights in the first picture, they are ADORABLE. they make it look really good by putting the black tight mixed with nude tight (thus the stripes looking like they're glued onto the skin/painted on). oh, and i am amazed at her GORGEOUS shoes. look at those patent leather wedges!

this hat is so OUT THERE that it works (umm.. not that i would wear it or anything) i love how classy the whole look is--black gloves are my favorite! when it starts getting cold ENOUGH (okay, SUPER cold right now, but hasn't hit the lowest temps) then i will hopefully break out some black gloves. clean and sharp dress as well, love it.

my outfit: (well guys, i could do so much better.. i was just pressed for time) i wore a striped henley from AE, and (damn, no need for a comma) a pair of shorts (from old navy) that i cut from long jeans. very simple. very very very simple. it's so uncomplex it makes my mind hurt.

hope you're having a stripey day!!!
(insert picture of tigger here)

haha speaking of tigger, came across these jokes surrounding the tiger woods scandal.
knee slappers: the difference between tiger woods and santa?, santa stops after 3 Ho's.
tiger woods is changing his name to cheetah woods.



Tayler said...

LOVE the hat! <3


博子 川久保 said...

oh wow those first tights <333!

Courtney O. said...

hahahah i heard the first joke today. hilarious. and even though it's simple, you still look stunning!

My Passport to Style said...

Hi there, I'm new here and looove your blog, have nominated you my Stylish blog crush over on My Passport to Style! Merry Christmas. P.S you are soo pretty! Sharon xx

Camilla said...

I love the simplicty of your outfit, It looks greatxxx


Bella said...

I love the tights and how dementedly adorable you look in the fourth picture :p xxx

Victoria said...

Scando picture! haha i love that hat!
u look amazing as usual!
Oh and looked at ur followers 81! thats intense!!!

Style Bird said...

I love this look..I love the stripes and I love your glasses. Youe are beuatiful as always. xoxo ava

Katya said...

Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

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