bedsheet of silver

so i begin this post with saying this: CHRISTMAS IS NEXT FRIDAY!!!!
i'm so excited and i can't wait for the christmas tree (i really need to put it up lol). but my favorite part is that i love seeing people's reactions when they open my gifts. it makes me feel accomplished :D

so today (today--which was chilly, yet sunny) i wore a silver shirt from UO, gray bandage skirt from CRUSH, black tights from my MOM, bow ring from F21, and a gold ballerina necklace from F21 (NOT PICTURED).

man do i love this shirt. it's very fluid and soft. i love how it is a sheen, but not a glamorously overdone shine. it is a subtle and gentle kind of metallic. you can wear it in so many different ways: that's why i love it!

also, my hair was amazing today. i have the kind of hair that kind of stays there when you do something to it. today, i put it up in a bun for most of the day and let it out after school. the last picture is what it looked like! i love the effect of this, and i love it even more when it comes out of a real, hairsprayed and bobby-pinned bun after ballet (my recital is this saturday and that's EXACTLY what's gonna happen, yay!) it gives it a nice volume (which i rarely have). i think it's hilarious that you could put my hair into a bun for 2 HOURS, and after letting it out, the result would STILL BE THE SAME as what had happened today. i also like it when its' super straight (au naturel, baby!) after i blow dry it. WELLL i've been ranting about HAIR for the longest time, so i'll stop now.



Tayler said...

Love the top!

Marina said...

Christmas is so close I am freaking out! SOO HAAPPPYYY!! Christmas is my favorite. This is such a cool outfit (and, I see the ring) I love the skirt. Which, I am desperately trying to find me one. I do that with my hair all of the time. Especially if I have something to do that night I will put it in a tight bun for the whole day and then let it out. I love the effect and it looks really good on you! Your hair is so pretty! Good luck for your ballet recital. I tries ballet when I was 4. That was an epic failure. But, I tried. :)

Anonymous said...

so gorgeous!!! lovely outfit!

betz said...

lovely look. love the top.


Camilla said...

Awesome photos, Love the top! xxx Camilla


Style Bird said...

Beautiful top and beautiful hair. I wish I was a ballerina, have fun at your recital. xoxo ava

the1015lab said...

love this look! so simple and clean!

Bella said...

I love that top too and it looks great tucked into the tight skirt :] xxx

Paulina M. Young said...

i tried on the same shirt at urban on black friday
you look sooooo much better in it though (: