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sorry for lack of posts! but i'm very glad to see that i have gained several more followers; I LOVE YOU ALL! :D

well, recently i did a piece of work based on a prada (season unknown!!!) shoe. medium: colored pencil, marker, ink. the original picture : HERE. (if you know what season it is, tell me please! thanks!) as you can see, parts of the shoe are different color, such as the heel. i decided to replace some colors with patterns, because i LOVE patterns a lot.

the second picture is my new ring!!! i love it. ($3.80, f21) it's very bejeweled as you can see, and i love wearing it with bunches of different outfits. it's the piece that you can wear to a really nice outing, or with something casual.

last two pictures: from latest issue of RIVIERA mag. i love these both because they were in the same spread and seemed to reflect the style and look of each other. the valentino separates are all beautiful themselves. the lace top is so intricate, and the off-white color really captures the eye. the skirt adds some sheen and glamour to the whole look they put together, and the shoes are simply scrumptious! the christian lacroix is so voluminous and the material is simply gorgeous, it looks so luxuriant and rich. i adore the layering of the different shades and textures of black. the light lace overlay is really amazing.

+++MUCH THANKS TO FASHION JINX, for jinxing me!


Camilla said...

I am in love with your blog- Following you! xxx Camillaa


Style Bird said...

I love your sketch..beautiful! That is a great ring..and I love these two looks. They are inspiring. The post about you on Fashion Jinx blog is wonderful!! xoxo ava

Anonymous said...


Marina said...

That would probably be from Prada Spring 2008 guessing from the floral heel/ flower-like-ness.

The ring looks great- I have been on the hunt for something like that. But, when am I not on the hunt for something bejeweled, cute, and SHINY!

oh, and I saw your interview on FJ- it looks great! The pictures are so cool too (that belted b&w blazer-- gahh!)


Courtney O. said...

gorrrrgeous drawing. so good!