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so i finally finished the sketch for my winner! Annelise chose a look from Fendi's Spring 2010 RTW collection, and i sketched it. i used ink, watercolour, and pencil for the sketch. how do you think it came out? I actually LOVE it a lot :] the textures and ballooning material made it a fun piece to draw!

the last picture is a necklace that i repainted! i'm really happy with the outcome. it was originally ice blue and white beads, but i couldn't ever match anything with the ice blue, so i decided to repaint it. i left half of the diamonds white though, because i like it that way!


I received this award from Valerie&Camilla @ a butterfly by day. Thanks ! <3

+++ LAST THING very important: I'm starting an ETSY shop, what should i call it?
put your creative minds to use!!
... !help!



Isabelle said...

dangg i wish i could draw like that

Courtney O. said...

oh1 im so excited for your etsy shop! i like the menagerie.

博子 川久 said...

I love the sketch, maybe you should call your etsy shop after this blog or something?

Victoria said...

so beautiful jessica!!! ur amazing girly and lovely necklace! :D

Tayler said...

awesome drawing! I see that you used ink;) it looks awesome!


Style Bird said...

Beautiful drawing! Painting the necklace is a great idea. I can't wait til you open your shop! xoxo ava

taylor said...

oh my goodness your sketches are incredible! soo amazing!

Jess ♡ said...

That is a gorgeous sketch :) That necklace is lovely as well! I'm totally digging this new tune on your blog... <3 You have the best music!

I think you should go along with the menagerie theme as it relates to your blog! xo

Kiyo said...

The sketch is amazing! I wish I could draw like that...
I like The Menagerie a lot. Can't wait to see your store!

kelsea said...

terrific sketch! (and lucky annelise)

and for your etsy shop, which i am very excited about, i do like the name "The Menagerie" a lot. are you going to be selling primarily clothing/accessories? because if you are, i would make it "The Menagerie: Clothing for the Wild at Heart" or something like that so your customers know what the store sells.

p.s. this is totally random but do you know wendy at Hand it Over? she just did a post titled "up up and away" as well. lol, just thought it a funny coincidence XD

Tati said...

wow i love the sketch! you definitely have a talent :) and great idea to redo the necklace. People sometimes forget how easy DIY things can be to make.
Thanks for entering the contest on Stick Note !

Camilla said...

amazing drawing! xxx
I love this so much! xxx


Luczis said...

wow!! This is gorgeous!! You really are an artist... I would love to wear the outfit..

annelise. said...

amazing! I didn't see this until just now, but I love it. I'm excited to get your package!