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i drew this yesterday, a look from RODARTE'S FALL 2009 COLLECTION, for my friend nicolette. i liked sketching this because it ws a challenge: the beautiful marbled texture on the minidress, and the tons of leather wraps on the gorgeous nicholas kirkwood thigh high boots. i added different colors in the minidress and tried to make it look like it was  swathed in chiffon. how do you think it turned out?
(oops, i forgot to outline the sketch in ink ! i'll redo it later, nico :D)

&&& oh how i NEED those gold foil brogues. you have no idea.



Camilla said...


Jamie said...

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Chloe T said...

Thank you so much, Jessica!
Yet again, another fantastic sketch of yours! I love seeing what you can conjure up, not to mention the fact that I completely love Rodarte!

Really wonderful :D
Chloe xxx

Panda said...

wow, you're a great sketcher. This is lovely :-)
Nothing beats those boots, i swear.
Panda xx

Bella said...

you are amazing at fashion sketching! xxx

mariel elisa said...

those shoes are killer

Jess ♡ said...

Wow, this is amazing. I actually need a pair of those. You are SO talented :) <3

Christina said...

FANTASTIC drawings! Do you have an etsy?

The Style Rider said...

Wow! You have such a talent for drawing!
Post your etsy page pleaseee(:

Check out my blog!

The Style Rider said...

You have such a talent drawing! lovely!

Check out my blog!

Claudia said...

really good!!

i Like milk. xD said...

beautiful drawing

VerLuisant said...

you're so talented!
I'm fall in love with your diy,
I'll absolutely follow you

Miri said...

oh those leggins are soo awesome!!

I'm kinda impressed by your sense of fashion, when I was 15 I whore my moms boring pradafreakingchoices. Blackblackblack.

Please keep doing whatever you're doing. Hope to hear more from you!


☆Wendy said...

I love your drawings!