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on my outing yesterday: dim sum, target, michaels.

dim sum is always good, if you get the right thing. i ate 蘿蔔糕 (turnip cake.. amazing),  麵條 (thick rice noodles!), and a kajillion other things. it was really good.

man i was excited to go to target, but was disappointed in the selection of that specific store. anyhoo, i went through the sock section and found THOSE amazing dip dyed gradient tights!!! :D i had been meaning to do a DIY but i was too scared.. i should just stick with embellishing haha. they're really beautiful: grayish white to navy blue at the toes. and they were only $5 ! who needs wolford when you've got target? (even though i have a pair of wolfords :P) ANNNND i spotted these cute little kiddie charm bracelets without the charm, and they were only a dollar each! great find, because they're actually REALLY GOOD quality and super shiny (though we all know that's gonna rub off soon ahah), a little gunmetal ish.

michael's was the last stop. THEY'RE ALWAYS OUT OF SILVER CHAINS@#^^ it pisses me off so much, you know? it's like every single time i go there, i never find them in stock. bleh. at least i got those two bracelets @ target :] then i got 2 packages of black feathers for a special diy surprise.. coming soon.. maybe in my etsy shop as soon as my dad gets me a credit card just for the shop! i hope i have time doing these things (OKAY, i WILL have time: president's week  off and spring break!)



mariel elisa said...

i want these tights BADLY

Anonymous said...

THE tights that you were freaking out about
haha, they're amazing.

alex Stoltze said...

i neeed those tights, so fabulous!

Isabelle said...

holy CRAP those tights are cool.

(haha my sister and i commenting on the sammme post)

Kiyo said...

Those tights! Quite amazing :)

Camilla said...

Beautiful photos, the outfit is simply amazing xxx


Anonymous said...

i love you and you know me and those tights are cool but if i didnt know you and i saw you with those tights on, i would think you have a disease or you're bruise from yr knees down haha
SORRY, but they;re friggen adorable still
----you're blonde friend [chanelle]

Katya said...

These tights are nice.

Malu said...

I love your style!
Great blog :D


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