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finally, camera's back to work! but i still need to charge some batteries (yes, my camera is ghetto beyond comprehension)

but i took a few snaps of my new patent oxfords from f21, they're gleaming and WONDERFUL :D
$25 is decent. i like how shiny they are, and i can wear them with anything yayayy!

shoe collection L-R (these are the ones i USUALLY wear.. others include converse and other flats)
boots from etienne aigner, laceup wedges from dolce vita, patent oxfords from f21, patent strap flats from tjmaxx, and DIY white laceup shoes.
i love it. :)
all i need is something nude!!! i've been looking everywhere, closest: urban outfitters three banded skimmer, $20. i really don't want to pay over 15 for another pair of shoes , yes i am a frugal person most of the time, but they were so flippin' gorgeous. i'm waiting for them to go down to 10. letsee how that works haha!

last things
just bought 70 studs and spikes.. so i'm really looking forward to more DIYS, hope you guys are too! :) some of which may be going in my etsy! VVV

+++i just got a credit/debit/giftcard(?) AmEx so i can finally open up my etsy shop. meanwhile, i'm torn between these two names: originally, "The Menagerie"... and then i thought of "DropShop" .. it makes me think of Topshop!!! haha. that's why i like it. sooooo vote! (poll on right side nav bar )
this decision accounts for what goes on my banner (even though my link has 'the menagerie' in it, meh)



kelsea said...

cannot wait for your store!!!

Camilla said...

Those oxfords are AWESOME. xx


Vinda Sonata said...

nice loafers, Jessica! i really like your shoes collection, too. so, they're the secrets of your cool style!
anyway, "dropshop" sounds great to me. quite funny.

Tayler said...

I think i like dropshop the best, because it correlates with your blog title and it just sounds cool! I love your patent oxfords! I need to get me some of those <3


Martwa Marta said...

your shoes are great. looking for a similar pair of oxfords. i have bought already one, but i want them to be 'glossy'


oh i love those oxfords, & what an affordable price!


Kiyo said...

Love the shoes and so excited for your shop!

H K said...

What sort of things are you going to sell? Anything apart from DIY's? Love the shoessss!