Ever, Lasts Forever

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the last two pictures you are seeing right now ^^ are my first piece i have put up in the shop.
btw, i have named the shop the menagerie until further votes are counted up!
---nowww... have to make a header!
i'm excited guys!!
lastly: *30% of ALL purchases will be donated to World Vision, a christian humanitarian organization dedicated to providing third world countries with basic necessities such as clean water, food, and clothing. *

the great outdoors. i'm hating this weather right now. southern california suddenly blasted up like 10 degrees and it got WAY hotter. the weather's supposed to be WINTRY, not high 70's and all that BS. but, it's actually quite nice at night, very cool but not cold.

anyways, i wore this: tankdress from old navy, white socks, f21 patent oxfords, and vintage charles jourdan quilted chain bag.

it took me maybe 20 minutes of photo taking to produce the clear shots that i wanted to put on my blog. my ghetto camera does this thing where sometimes i put it on self-timer... and then the picture comes out COMPLETELY blurred. i seriously need a new camera--why not? chinese new year money!!

soo..keeep on voting guys! right now "The Menagerie" is winning..
i wouldn't have the poll if i could decide between the two, but they're both super appealing to me!! meh..



Jennie Nhi Nguyen said...

cute bag!
Love all your pictures, always amazing!

xx from http://asianeyedgirl.blogspot.com

Jess ♡ said...

Gorgeous photos :) I love how you edit them.

I love Chinese New Year money, too bad my mom always takes mine and deposits it before I can use it!

©hu. said...

Loovely photos! Voted for Dropshop btw, its a catch and its a match. Lol.

laura said...

great stuff,
love your blog.


*currently following


stacy said...

cute outfit.I love the white socks with those patent oxfords.Did you wear this anywhere.the whole look is adorable on you

Camilla said...

Love the shoulder pads.


Shana said...

congrats on getting a shop set up! your outfit looks adorable and i love your bag. the feather shoulder things looks really nice also(:

x Shana

RACHEL said...

your pictures look sooo good !
you look like alice in wonderland.


Isabelle said...

i love the simpleness of this outfit but it's still cool

Hayley said...

I want your bag, sooooooooooo bad!

And I love how all your stuff is always affordable! It makes it all extra inspiring because it is achievable, in a sense.

Love your blog, xx, Hayley

Martwa Marta said...

marvelous photos - they look so mysterious. i like the outfit, it's so retro and chic!

Ainhoa said...

i LOVE your bag !!!

Style Bird said...

I love this look..perfect. Great shoes. I love the name of your shop too. That shoulder pad necklace is beautiful. xo ava

an aspiring everything said...

i love the lighting and your long purse in the photos :)