Los Queues de Sardines

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i love this brand. i just discovered it and ... because i have this INTENSE fascination with tights of all sorts (c'mon.. you rarely see me wearing jeans) my lifelong goal is to obtain a pair of these. i love their whimsical designs.. so cute! they're really unconventional and unusual: and that's why i adore them.

check them out / where to buy: Here

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LuLu said...

beautiful tights ♥

LuLu said...

beautiful tights ♥

mila said...

Oh, I love these tights! I found theses a few weeks ago on Stumble Upon, or whatever it's called.


Yvonne Renee said...

i LOVE tights so much! i hardly wear pants anymore lol. i really like the first one a lot.

Martwa Marta said...

gorgeous tights! so unique! how can i purchase them?!

Anonymous said...


Chloe T said...

They really are so cute and witty! They're lovely. :D
And yep I had a great Chinese New Year, hope you did too!

Chloe XXX

Isabelle said...

OH MY GOD these are so cool

Kiyo said...

I saw these tights recently on a blog but didn't know where to buy them, so thanks for posting these! I really want a pair.