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my outfit today: DIY bow headband, DIY eyelashes tunic, black tights, and vintage charles jourdan bag, OH and not pictured (ok, well you've seen them--f21 patent oxfords)

the weather has finally cooled down! .. for a while. i heard that it would jump up to the 80's during the weekend. and i loathe tomorrow simply because i have piano class. i took a 2 week break after Certificate of Merit and now i'm back to practicing songs for next year.. no more "TGIF's"
EXCITEMENT!: my forever 21 purchase came in yesterday night.. and i was NOT dissappointed. I LOVE this cut. it's a drapey sweater that i ordered a larger size than usual (medium) and it fits just how i want it. i had been wanting one of those "flowy" sweaters for a while, but was looking for something unconventional. UNLIKE the pictures, the back of the sweater is actually pretty long--just how i wanted it. i like the grungy feel of it, but i can't put a finger on what runway look inspired these sweaters.

i have found use for my old leather belt, studs, and miniscule chains that my friend bought for me!
*** 100% my own design and work***

this piece is called "The Kirtland"--named after THE friend that bought the chains :)
so.. i need YOUR opinion.
is this piece worth selling on my etsy (i regret to say.. i have only one item put up.. and no one has offered anything so i kinda gave up for a while :/ ) ??
tell me your thoughts... as you are the normal consumers in the fashion world :D

YAY! detail oriented post for once .



Tayler said...

as someone who doesn't online shop, because i am a poor high school student, I love this piece. I was thinking of starting up my own online store of my own pieces since i have gotten good feedback on my blog about them. anyways in my opinion you should def sell it! simple and chic.

Emma Jade said...

That bow is adorable!

Anonymous said...

hey Jessica its Makena! I just made my own blog and still trying to figure everything out. just want to say i loveeee that shirt! I can't believe you drew those eyes on it!!!!

jesscalifornia! said...

what level are you in for CM? good luck to you! i just took mine this past weekend too. (:

Chris (tinytines.com) said...

You're wonderful.. I really love how effortless this all looks. Thanks for sharing your style with us. <3

Chris @ http://www.tinytines.com

Flora said...

Sooo Cuteeee i love the glasses and eyelashes t-shirt :)

bekster said...

the first tee is such a cool diy idea, I wanna make one like it!!


ellie jane-e valentine. said...

i love your hair. its amazing.


Kiyo said...

You have the best DIYs! The bow is adorable.
I'd say sell the studded necklace on etsy!

annelise. said...

i love it!

'Lee said...

great simple outfit, I love your top and sweater.

Theory of a fashion victim

Courtney O. said...

i think it's cute! just dont go overboard with the price. far too many people do! and i made an eyelash shirt too! we match<3

rachel. said...

that bow is adorable! :)
your necklace is stunning, too! i certainly think it's worth selling on etsy.

paoletta_92 said...

heyyyyy I love the eyes t-shirt!!
where did u buy it???

have a look at my blog


Rhiannon Ecsedy said...

I just found your blog and LOVE it. your style is great. I especially want to know where did you get those glasses from this post??