PRE-FALL '13 Loves III

With a nod to her FW12 collection that featured beautiful baroque scroll and floral motif embroidery, this collection is equally as bold. She expanded her palette into the warm colors by welcoming a pair of hot orange trousers peeking out from an oversize camel coat (not pictured), and then ended with a beautiful colorblocked gown patched with a surprise block of velvet. 
This collection definitely encompassed the city girl roaming the concrete jungle during fashion week, IMO. Casual basics were presented in ultra luxe materials and cut to a tee. The neon accented buildings in the skyscape pants are fantastic, as are those lust-worthy ankle boots. Pointy black ankle boots just GET ME.
Of course, Phoebe did it again. This prefall season has really made me dwell in my oversized black coat   more often lately, and I'm loving it. Larger than life (and perhaps wearability) proportions contrasted with sharply tailored skirts, trousers, and blouses make for a great collection if you ask me. Also, can we talk about those grand platform wedges please?!
Sarah Burton continues to give off more good vibes with the most recent collection. There was the same drama and dignified elegance (without frivolity) in the strong, and almost basic, silhouettes.
The most difficult thing was trying to get a single theme out of this collection. I saw a pilgrim -vampire-victorian era-snow queen, what do you see?
I wasn't really feeling the collection until I examined it in its entirety. The gradual transition from sharp lines and an austere palette to puffy, almost frothy, silhouettes and a last delicate floral number was what persuaded me. I would also like to one of the comforter-esque coats and the two buckled ankle boots, please. 

images via style.com




Lisa said...

So many gorgeous collections!

The Lovely Memoir

Anonymous said...

perfect selection! love the celine cuts

Moda said...

Adoro Mccartney !!!

eliza said...

Such gorgeous collections. I love the
Celine and Tibi collections, especially. I'm getting serious shoe cravings from both.


HeartsAndCrosses said...

Those looks are incredible, especially the striped structured dress!!



Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

All of these collections are amazing, but Stella absolutely blew me away! x E

Anonymous said...

finally found your blog! i remember you commented on my blog like a few months ago and i was already swamped in school work and with my blog hiatus, i never got to reply back. and when i thought of replying, i forgot your blog name! (blame my stupidity and laziness for not simply checking the comments again...) Anyways, love your pre-fall picks! absolutely gorgeous, especially Celine. Hope you had a great first semester at FIT! Would love to meet you sometime if our schedules allow.
ps. sorry for replying so freaking late! haha. things just got crazy at school. the foundation program at parsons is no joke.


Anonymous said...

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Tereza Hlouchová said...

love it!

Stephanie Lin said...

Seriously random, but were you in Newport eating dinner a few weeks ago? I could've sworn that I saw you, but I wasn't sure, haha. :)

Anonymous said...

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ann kim said...

Hi Jessica! Unfortunately I'm not going to be attending this year, I'm working in LA. :)

Giuli said...

Love these collections!!! Stella Mccartney and Celine are my favourite!!

Great post!!!