LFW | FW13 part II

I think it's safe to say that Pilotto has captivated me and stunned me season after season with his beautiful digital renderings on beautifully constructed garments. The strong linear motifs, geometric fragments, and symmetrical prints that bedeck his bold silhouettes seem to always resonate deeply within me. To say it simply, Pilotto's collections are always an aesthetic treat for my eyes. 
Anderson's womenswear collection seemed to have inklings of the same vibe from his most recent line for menswear. Drawing on the same sort of restrained and almost matronly feminity, we saw those crisp  lines and boxy shapes, all topped off with fine details (the darted necklines and gathering of the fabric in unexpected places-perfection). The purist color palette of black and white with occasional pops of color really maximized the voice of this collection, too. 
Major points for Prabal and Christopher this season for successfully pulling off military this season--call it neo-military. I loved the way he meshed the lustrous fabric with camouflage and how he took the motif of trim of an 18th century soldier's coat and created that trellis-like pattern and executed an edgy minidress. The texture in the last frock was also phenomenal. 
It was girly and delicately feminine without the major frills and over-pinkification. A fabulous bounty of clean-cut coats in different pinks lead the collection then gave way to my favorite part of this collection, the one-hipped ruffle. It came in that floaty eyelet rendition as well as sparkly black towards the end, fitting beautifully with the plush cream fur. 
This collection may as well be my definition of true RTW. Really fantastic basics cut to a tee, swoon-worthy color palette, and the INCREDIBLE footwear had me wanting to go out and purchase as many coats and knits as possible, stat. We get a magnificent lesson in layering here, with the gorgeously structured coats stacked upon multicolored sweaters upon crisp button ups--and then those great trousers below. #goals. 
images via style.com


Les Trendy Kids said...

Pilotto and Katrantzou from the previous post my favourites <3


eliza said...

I love Simone Rocha - I swear I'd wear almost anything from any of her collections. Love Pilotto and Anderson too.