MENSWEAR SS14 | London Collections: Men

 First of all, let's all dump glitter on our hair--it's such a summer look (50% serious because I LOVE IT, 50% joking because it takes days to wash that stuff out). Second, discuss these pieces! Anything sheer or translucent and/or in brights/pastels instantly screams SS to me. I'm obsessed with the different textures and graphics from the logo'd crewneck and patent bermuda pairing to that incredible be-zippered, and convertible I presume (NEED), floral jacket. One of my top collections from LCM.

I believe gender-bending is a normal occurrence in the current state of menswear, but Burton executed it in an impeccable and classy way while adhering to stunning Savile Row tailoring. I liked the transition from breezy layers of creams, whites, and airy lace to the more structured looks in darker palettes and embellishments. Reminiscent of last season's cathedral window suits, the prints were once again striking in wrought iron-like figures, floral silhouettes on pinstripes, and metallic flourishes. 

When a collection can traverse a variety of aesthetics while managing to stay cohesive, it's safe to say that my interest is engaged from start to finish. In Agi & Sam's latest work, we saw quirky (neo-80s, should I say?) printed suits that were paired with solid whites, then a transition to blocks of relaxing blue hues. I found the transference of a pair of shorts and tee onto an all white base both comical and aesthetically interesting. The last look done in a utilitarian style has me wanting anything windbreaker material. 

Yes, those are the birds from your childhood tear jerker Bambi. They bedecked the garments of Abley's collection for MAN alongside cartooned fleur-de-lys and teddy bear silhouettes on muted pastels. All in a kitschy youthfulness, the models donned paper crowns, held book-like clutches, and wore backpacks--stylish of course.  I would wear that sheer striping in an instant!
 Not pictured: the "THE END" fluffy sleeveless top, on my imaginary wishlist. 

(please excuse the fuzzy pictures, I got them from nowfashion.com live stream because Style.com did not cover this collection) 
One of the few collections that I was able to watch in real time, I was already feeling impressed when the first three looks rolled out. The curved edges on the jackets and other pieces mixed with various panels of fabric was so visually interesting, almost like a Braque work or other Cubists. My favorite part of Zhou's collection, however, was the incredible digital print coats in the end. The mash up of Facebook, Youtube, iPhone, and Captcha graphics is super tech and style savvy. The cool metal collars make me want to resurrect mine. 

all other images from style.com