MENSWEAR SS14 | Milan Round-up

Jil Sander's second season back at Jil Sander (ha) is looking good at the moment. Clean cut layers of snow whites with hints and accents of bright oranges and corals kept my eyes on the lookout for other fine details. I can't get enough of the boxy collared shirts and that amazing patent white jacket. Right now, I have been inspired with a need for a pair of crisp, single front pleat trousers in some bright warm hue. 

Leather, leather, leather. The leather tees were what initially drew me in as I admired the first colorblocked look and the consequent leather accents (the silk and leather paneling on those two suits too!!). My last two favorite looks consisted of revamped bomber jackets with sheen, leather sleeves, and cool prints.

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.
But I loved how Gianni pulled it off for menswear in a non-tacky or too tryhard way. Mixed with a cool array of futuristic looking utilitarian pieces with clean lines, the collection refrained from an overpowering of the floral motif. That buttery looking leather camel coat is speaking to me right now.
If Ermenegildo Zegna was good, then Z Zegna was better. Although a few outerwear pieces at EZ were much more sophisticated and lust-worthy than some of the ones here, the ZZ collection as a whole was very appealing and I would definitely wear some of those pieces. The palette transitioned from dark blacks and blues (love that teal in the moto jacket, 2nd look) to muted pastels of peach, beige, and baby blue. Last mention - that all white summer shorts, shirt, jacket look is soooo good (yes, 5 o's necessary). 
I think I have a weird thing for pastel suits done right; that ice blue and salmon pairing is seriously so amazing. A few grey looks were also superb, but what I love most is that last plaid shirt, it's a need

images via style.com