Anderson's much-hyped collab with Versus x Versace has already put him at the forefront of fashion but in all honestly, I'd much rather forget about Donatella and focus on his stunning individual work. I am such a fan of his no-fuss, clean-cut, and almost clinical aesthetic. The basic geometry that is integral to his work is made interesting with his various textural pairings--from that crinkled vellum look of the translucent top to the fringey draped top and the paper-esque skirt. Also, who doesn't love over-the-top volume? 
I was crying at my instagram feed when it was filled with lovely snaps from McCartney's garden party showing for her equally beautiful resort collection in NYC. I loved the femininity of the pieces and the adorable details (see: lips, hearts, matches, diamante pieces on that kitschy blush frock) as well as the various silhouettes. I never thought there would come a day that a ruched waistline/drop-waist would ever look as good as the one in the third look. 
I don't think I will ever get over my obsession of voluminous, rounded sleeves. IRL, it's probably one of the hardest things to pull off (if you're a model, no biggie, but for the rest of us...). It's been done by so many for quite a few seasons now but it's still a silhouette I love. Do it in an ice blue and stick it in a collection with perfectly contrasting sharply cut skirts and I'll fall in love. I'm quite obsessed with the buckle/strap fixtures on the jackets and skirts too (DIY anyone?).
I don't know why, but Browne's pieces always remind me of Alice in Wonderland. I think the imagery that's installed in my mind courtesy of Disney just seems to correlate with his otherworldly and whimsical touch. This collection had me thinking of maze gardens and the Cheshire Cat with the various green hues, organic motifs, and endless stripes. No matter how weird or unwearable his looks may be, they're always extremely fun to ponder.
Digital prints have, and will likely for a long time to come, always been a favorite of mine. I loved the use of nature and floral patterns on boxy dresses and angular sleeves. The second dress with that endless mirror tunnel / receding frame graphic is amazing.
images via style.com