______________N E W   Y O R K______________

This season, Wang was truly an interesting balance in the color and texture varieties. The styling was on point (I love the high necked layering) as were the accessories (who doesn't want a ubiquitous Wang purse?). If I were to get a pair of calf/thigh high boots, those would be the only ones I'd "yes." Also, gonna cry at the insanely cool hem of that last white shirtdress. 

It's been many seasons since I first followed Lee's work and I can say with confidence that I'm very happy with his aesthetic growth and progression. This season, a monochrome palette was kept interesting with clean-cut asymmetrical details, enviable layering techniques, and of course a few amazing dresses that I'd die to have. 

______________L O N D O N______________

Just when I had the slightest notion that I would be a little bored by J.W. Anderson, this collection pops up and leaves me stunned. Languid yet structural, the dresses were a perfect mix of juxtapositions. 
I aboslutely adore the bustier detailing on a few of the pieces. 

Taking after Celine last season, Issa was arts-and-crafts-y in the most refined manner. An embellishment in the form of a goofy face and zig-zag tops were adorable details while the larger color blocks were artfully pieced like a Matisse. Being done on clean silhouettes in nice proportions, this collection remained elegant and tasteful. 

______________M I L A N______________

I think it goes without saying that there our expectations are low going into Milan. Yet, in the most recent seasons, Marni has been thoroughly impressing me. The resurgence of the great boldness that Marni carries so well was displayed throughout this collection, ranging from the multicolor coat with broad brushstroke-like colors to the fur and feathered dresses in the last few looks. It was over the top in all the right ways--without the garishness of everything else in Milan. 

Another exception to the Milanese rule, Iceberg presented a superb mish-mash of different design details. The collection looks fit for a neo-galactic fashion week attendee, with its foil textures, constructed silhouettes, and palette of cool neutrals with vivid brights. 

______________P A R I S______________  

In a quick ascension to the top of the fashion scene as of late, JACQUEMUS has stolen the spotlight once again with his FW14 collection, a delightfully composed array of puffy and cushy looking pieces that I want to touch so badly. I love that the simplicity of the pieces does not conjure boredom but rather garners more interest and curiosity (at least for me!). I am just in love with the variety of silhouettes he puts out on the runway, they are too fantastic. 

I will start off by saying that this collection was not my favorite when I first saw it, but it grew on me (and continues to do so...waiting for that moment of Céline explosion that inevitably occurs every season). The mix of ribbed knits with picnic-basket gingham is an unexpected but intriguing combination; meanwhile, the luxe pairing of fur and jewels was fresh due to the twist--that massive cluster necklace and orange fur are paired nicely. Once again, footwear and handbags were on point--more things to add to my "unattainable wants" list.

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MENSWEAR FW14 | Paris Round-Up

As I sit warmly inside typing this paragraph, I glance outside my window where it is (and has been for the last 12 hours) vehemently snowing nonstop. The oversized, slouchy, and layered vibe of this collection from Acne is just what I need to be wearing right now! From the cozy looking funnel necks and the glam silky anoraks down to those furry slippers, the pieces are essentials with fun exaggeration. 
As a menswear designer on everyone's radar, Juun J. has done a fantastic job executing beautifully tailored and interestingly voluminous pieces since I first encountered his work-this time in the form of an absolutely stunning 57 looks in a handsome palette of black, grays, navies, and deep forest greens. Everything from the ponyhair bomber (which....okay someone get that for me, stat) to the moto jacket with the oversized lapel exuded LUXE. Who knew oversized could look so good?

A skillful mix of patterns, textures, and fabrics was at play in this collection for FW14. My favorite pairing is the brilliantly blown up windowpane check trousers (with those ankle cuffs, or are those the hem of the pants? anyways...amazing) with the blued out floral button up. A variety of checks, florals, and wood grain (is that what I sense in that first spectacular shirt? Reminds me of Céline) surprisingly make for a great combination. Another pleasantly wearable and clear collection from Lim. 
Florals for fall and a generous lesson in layering came from Yamamoto's fabulous men's collection. I was immediately enamored by that first coat bedecked with flowers and the consequent layered looks drew me in. In short, the pieces were interesting and I thought it was a very nicely styled show. 
Disclaimer: I have not liked Riccardo Tisci's work at Givenchy for a long time. I was verging on disliking this one but it was different from his last few so I took a chance to reexamine and found myself liking it more and more. In a different approach to "street" fashion, Tisci took on the evident theme of basketball and its various components to create a rather interesting look. I love how the motif of the ball itself is translated into various pieces, from the tee under the netted shirt (I think it's a briliant look...like a real basketball) to the primary-colored court markings in the last look. The paint smudged tailored black suit is a nice riff too.
 Seeing this, I hope Tisci goes above and beyond with his next collections. 

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This concludes my three part round-up series on the menswear collections for Fall/Winter 2014! Hope you enjoyed my perspective and mini reviews (click for London and Milan



PRE-FALL 14 | Giambattista Valli

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Another beautifully composed lookbook for PF14 from Giambattista Valli. I love everything about this, from the photographic style to the gorgeously delicate and airy feel of the garments themselves (the hair, makeup, and casting are on point too!).