zippity doo da

(images from google.com)
i'm in love with zippers, did i tell you that? my goodness, they are my life. i love them. did i mention that? haha i'm being annoying. but here.. are a couple of the greatest shoes i've ever seen in my freaking life. yeah. my entire freaking life. not like those target shoes with dora that i really wanted long ago. GOODNESS comes in zipped up packages. haha :D
so the first pair are a pair of christopher kane shoesies/booties, with zippers EVERYWHARE. i love them to death. i just need a pair of kick-ass heels that are hot as hell. but i don't, so i need to find some purchasable block suede heels. yeah. anyways. the black leather and cut of these beauties are just sooo durable and chic looking, you know?
these proenza schouler booties are also on my want list. District of Chic also has them.. so wonderfully cute. yeah. i love the stacked look of the heel, and of course, the zippers. and how your heel is exposed, and the cut of how it ends at the ankle. gee i want these.
opening ceremony is just great. just great. just great. just AMAZINGLY GREATTTTTTTTTT. the completely flowing and just block shape of this wedge is perfection. i also love the mahogany/dark red hue, truly beautiful and much more unique than plain black. it's like wearing a huge block.. with an extremely lovely zipper down the front!!!

i DESPISE generic trends... so what kind of styles do you look for in shoes?


thalialouise said...

i love these last ones. i love any shoes with high high high heels :)

Girl With The Bow Tie said...

I love zippers too! They totally spice up an outfit and make it more interesting. This one trend that I definitely don't mind.

In shoes, hmm. I don't really know what I look for! I'm not a huge "shoe person" to be honest!

Thanks so much for stopping by!