What I'm Wearing | Concrete Jungle Utilitarian

RVCA tank // mom's vest // MAXMARA skirt // ASOS boots // 
collar thanks to BEGINNING BOUTIQUE // LIZ CLAIBORNE bag // tattoo thanks to FAKETATTOOS.SE 
pictures thanks to my lovely roommate HEATHER
My first outfit post in (yeah, that's right!) NYC! So first, I would like to apologize for the ridiculous lag in posts, as I've been packing and unpacking and attending orientation sessions.
I've already met so many wonderful people, including a reader from North Carolina (Hi Hana!) and I can't wait to meet more and make more new friends.
As for the outfit, I decided to go for a utilitarian look on this shopping day with Heather (the very few purchases I made will be popping up in posts sometime or later haha). This MaxMara skirt is PERFECT because of its versatile lantern shape, but my favorite feature has to be that it doesn't need to be ironed. I'm serious. Even if I wrinkle it, it "self-irons" and, as soon as one day, is completely fine if laid out. I love it.
As for the awesome fake tattoo, FAKETATTOOS.SE sent me some of their cool products and included was a set of different sized triangles. Although it may have been intended for one tattoo, I decided to cut it up and create my own geometric pattern (what do you think?)
Thanks for being loyal readers!
PS classes start next week :)


Hope Bidinger said...

Ahhh you look so awesome!! LOVE this look and I am glad college life is treating you good:)Totally digging the "tattoo: too.

Ava Tallulah said...

Yay for being in NYC. I'm about to leave NYC to go to LA for school.
I love this outfit. You look like a New Yorker already :p

maggie said...

Love your simple yet edgy look! Glad to hear you're doing well in college, it's such a big transition in life ^^

xx maggie

Jenn said...

Your bag is amazing! I love that it's black and simple. No frills.

chīsana blogger

Victoria said...

JESSICA! New York! Ahhhhhh! You are so amazing and just belong in NYC! You look... just right! And lovely! And stellar and just... AH! I'm so proud of you!

emily said...

wow LOVE this simple and chic look! the zipper detailing on the boots = awesome. and i'm so jealous you get to go to school in NYC!

Daniella said...

I love this look! The khaki and black colour pallet is quite urban-chic and I super love your vest, so unique! :)

Take Care, Daniella xox

Carina said...

Love everything about this outfit! The colour palette is perfect together :)

Eline said...

beautiful boots and tattoo!

Natalie Suarez said...

u have awesome style! love uuu xx


HeyDahye said...

This sleek outfit really makes you look like a New Yorker!!

Lisa said...

This is definitely an outfit I see myself wearing to the city. I love it!

The Lovely Memoir

Alice said...

You look so chic and sleek in the city that never sleeps Jessica! :)

I love the fact that your skirt doesn't wrinkle no matter what you put it through. That sounds super handy and convenient.
Your simple tank and vest paired with that awesome unwrinkling skirt as well as simple black boots and a lovely collar necklace look so mature and gorgeous! You look ready to take on New York in a fashionable way!!

And I love that fake tattoo! It adds a nice tribal touch that plays off the brownish tones of your vest and tank.

I'm looking forward to lots more cool posts from you in NY!!

The Ace of Hearts

Victoria said...

I hope New York is treating you well my dear! I love seeing the city through your Insta.
Wonderful city outfit. :)



Jessica Cai said...

great, chic outfit! love the skirt and color combos :) hope you have an awesome first week of classes dear xo jess