Frothy, feminine silhouettes and saccharine colors were truly the defining points of this collection. I especially loved the lace patches and lattice details coupled with languid skirts. For some reason, the knotted belts seemed to complement rather than distract or throw off the cohesion of the collection; they were a great component for the gowns and blouses. 
 Karl really hit many different points in this collection but maintained an elegant composure all throughout. I was most intrigued by the juxtaposition of hard and soft in all of the pieces--from the angular sleeves in off-the-shoulder pieces and clean hemlines to the wispy sheer fabrics and frothy floral embellishments. Personally, Chanel couture is either hit or miss for me, but I especially enjoyed this collection (only after I looked at it in its entirety and for a second time, haha).
With this being Raf Simons' only second couture collection for the House of Dior, I found myself comparing it to his initial one and also going back to his days at Jil Sander. Naturally, there were a plethora of similarities regarding his general aesthetic--the elegantly structured skirts of his gowns, his toying with volume in drapery, and the like. There was just something about the textures and hues of these pieces that spoke to me. Simons also covered an astonishing palette that spanned from dark navies to happy brights, muted tones, and gentle pastels.That yellow gown especially, it's definitely a dream dress.
Oh MMM, always presenting something that confuses and provokes the mind to ponder what we really see. The first two looks I chose were a seemingly simple but then later complex composition of lines, textures, and fabrics that seemed to move fluidly on the body. I found the third look to be an unsuspecting mix; the lapel and the zipper details were almost shocking to see in the elegance of the sequined gown with cascading spiral motifs. Looks four and five were also very entertaining; the geometric bodice of the fourth seemed to have bloomed organic shapes while the bandeau of the fifth exploded with a hodgepodge of feathers and metallic bits. And then, we ended with a pinata like frock made of thousands of candy wrappers. Wildly fascinating. 

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Tian said...

Chanel and Mabille were favourites of mine as well. In all honesty, I'm never completely sure what what to think about MMM.


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Love all of these designers! So excited for spring...

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ahh i love these. can't wait for spring!

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Alexis Mabille is just gorgeous!
Thank you for the summary :) Love your work!

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ugh the colours and the prints are to dieee for <3